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Dildar Hussain
Aug 22, 2021
In Report from field
Dildar Hussain, district coordinator of Yamuna Nagar, planned a ceremony to commemorate Independence Day in Baghpat with his fellow team members on August 15, 2021. He organised and distributed candies and chocolates as a gesture of celebration to share the joy of the occasion. The children were holding national flags and saying “Vande Mataram”, and they were also clutching balloons, which radiated excitement across the community. The main visitor was a soldier from the village of Main gaon. At 8 a.m., people began to arrive, and the programme started. The soldier raised the flag, and they all sang the national anthem. People were clapping and saluting the flag to show their appreciation for our national banner. Many activities were held to commemorate the occasion, and youngsters danced and sang patriotic songs. The chief guest recounted Jawaharlal Nehru's struggle for our country's independence. Maulvi Imran Khan sang a song called'Saare Jahan se Accha' in which he expressed his feelings towards our country’s freedom. People were impressed by his remarks and applauded him warmly. Dildar Hussain also gave his thoughts on why we needed independence. Sweets were distributed among the attendees. Every year, we commemorated Independence Day in order to remember our fighters' sacrifices and to show them the respect they deserve.Independence Day is significant as it commemorates the valour and spirit of the freedom fighters who fought for the independence of the nation from British rule. Due to the selfless sacrifice of the people, we are living in a free country. As a result, empower people is doing everything they can to live up to the spirit of our heroes who gave their life for our security.