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Vinod Kumar
Aug 22, 2021
In Report from field
INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION, KURUKSHETRA Vinod Kumar, District Coordinator, Kurukshetra organised an Independence Day celebration. This was organised in Kurukshetra's People Health Care Resource Centre. Villagers joined in the celebration, sweets were distributed, and programmes were held. Prices were also provided to the children in order to increase their self-esteem. The program was stared at 9am and Suman Devi, a Kabaddi player, was the program's main guest, she hoisted the flag and sang the national anthem. Mr. Vinod told the stories of our heroic liberation heroes, took the oath, and the villagers acted out the plays. Children were given chocolates, books, and copies at the end of the session so that they might study well and represent our country to the rest of the world.Empowering individuals is doing an excellent job of keeping alive the spirit of our responsibility to our country.